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Buying A Camera For Product Photography

1) Interchangeable lenses – A must for good product photography. Most all DSLR cameras will come with the ability to change lenses. If you require photographs where a macro lenses is needed this is a must have feature you will not want to leave out.

2) Image sensor – when purchasing a DSLR camera this is going to be the most critical part. You will want to look for a camera that offers a big sensor. This is going to give you a much higher quality image for your product photography. In today’s cameras it is no longer all about the higher megapixel count but in the technology that comes with the image processing sensor. The best image sensors on the market are found in the Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. If you are looking at other brands you will want to research how good the image sensor is so you know the results you can expect.

3) Movie mode – In today’s DSLR cameras you will find they will come with a movie mode that is good for shooting reviews, how to videos or product videos. The best choice for a camera that has a movie mode feature is one that can shoot in full HD video (1080p). To get an idea of the video quality go to Youtube and search for videos that have been shot with that particular model.

4) Ergonomics – If you are planning on only using this camera for product photography then this feature may not be so important. If this camera is for both business and personal use you will want to make sure it has a good feel in your hands and is easy to operate.

There are many additional features that the new cameras on the market offer, but if you end up choosing a Canon, Nikon or Sony you are almost guaranteed to get a DSLR camera that will do what you need for your product photography.