5 best Love Letters advice column questions about relationships during the coronavirus pandemic

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Being in a relationship during the coronavirus pandemic comes with its own unique challenges, and self-isolating while single is a strange experience too. With the Stay at Home — and now “Safer at Home” — advisory impacting relationships, advice columnist Meredith Goldstein and her readers are weighing in on issues that both singles and couples are facing during the pandemic from those seeking perspective and advice. 

Ahead, take a look at five recent Love Letters about navigating love from home. 

“Tonight I asked him if he’s quarantining himself from me, too, and he said yes. Then he said that many people around the world are having to tell their partners ‘I’ll see you after this blows over.’” 

“I want to deepen the relationship, but with the coronavirus curtailing everything, maybe it’s better not to get more attached. I read all of these articles about dating now and I think, ‘What are you, nuts? You want to get an internet boyfriend now – when you can’t even meet?’ And yet, here I am.”

“The economic downturn has hit our workplaces hard, and while we are currently both employed, we’ve each seen significant staff reductions in the last six weeks. Witnessing these layoffs and hardships at my company has inspired me to double down on my efforts to be a present, integral team member at work. I can’t say the same for my husband.”

“I always find it easy to tell someone how I feel, but him not so much. He does things that upset me (unintentionally) and it causes me to overthink. Now, without seeing him, it’s gotten worse.”

“We haven’t seen each other since March because of social distancing, and honestly I have not missed him a bit.”

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