How Photo Restoration Works

The art of digital photography restoration works on many different levels. The lowest and most basic level would be taking a photo with a cheap digital camera. At the other end of the spectrum you would have a high end digital camera that could cost thousands of dollars. A basic digital camera with a decent resolution would cost your around $75.00 to $100.00 dollars. For a professional high end digital camera you can spend over $5,000.00 dollars. The other option is to use a good photo scanner. There are many photo scanners on the market today that range from $100.00 to $300.00 that will deliver a very high quality scan.

Scanning the photo into a digital format is only part of the process. Once the photo is scanned you will need good photo editing software to do your restoration. The most widely used photo editing software on the market is Photoshop by Adobe. There are two versions you can purchase. The full version of Photoshop runs around $450.00 and Photoshop Elements runs about $125.00. So if you want to get into the photo restoration business you can do it as cheap as $225.00 or you could spend over $5,000.00 dollars depending on what level of restoration you will be offering. \n\nThe best answer to purchasing your new equipment is not always the cheapest one. You need to invest in good equipment and software to turn out a quality product. You will also need to be willing to take the time to master the techniques it takes to give your customers a quality photo restoration product. Having the right tools and knowledge will be very important to a successful photo restoration business.