Preserve Your Memories When You Transfer From Video to DVD

The digital age keeps on moving, and new technologies continue to crop up. For those of you with memoirs on VHS or similar reels, there’s no time like the present to upgrade your storage. When you transfer your homemade footage from video to DVD, you’re giving yourself the gift of a lifetime – literally. Whether you’ve captured special events, precious milestones, or just everyday living, DVDs allow you to relive those important moments more cleanly and clearly than ever before.

Long-lasting Protection
Unfortunately, degradation is a common threat to older types of film. It’s easy for them to become dirty, wrinkled, or even broken. When you transfer your footage to DVD, you’re investing in the preservation of your memories. Professional-grade archival discs are hard coated to protect the integrity of your video for long-lasting endurance. This helps to ensure that you can enjoy your recordings for years to come.

Better Than You Remember
Transferring your footage from video to DVD can actually enhance your images and improve the overall viewing quality. You can even customize your memories with a variety of editing options. In addition to color correction (which is usually available with most standard media transfer packages), ask your specialist about features like adding titles, a soundtrack, or a voice over. You may even be able to have unnecessary sections of your video taken out. All these options can help you organize your memories and create a truly unique and enjoyable viewing experience.