Why Should I Transfer My Film to DVD?

When you were on the cutting edge of technology you captured all those milestone moments on film, knowing someday you would be able to look back and enjoy an era replayed right before your eyes. However, the boundaries of cutting edge have changed and those memories are now trapped on obsolete technology. Here are three reasons to consider transferring your film to DVD.

  • Preservation: The film that you may have thought would preserve memories forever can begin to degrade over time, affecting both sound and picture quality. How the film has been stored also contributes to the speed of degradation. If it has been exposed to extreme temperatures at any point, particularly heat, an even more rapid onset may occur.
  • Easier Access: Once you’ve made the move to DVD, your video is accessible on multiple media platforms. As long as you have a laptop or DVD player handy, you can watch your videos without the use of specialty equipment and with a very short set-up time.
  • Ability to Edit: Splicing and editing film manually is a completely different skill set than what is needed once you transfer your film to DVD. With the use of any number of editing software programs out there you can make changes to your personal video and create a visual masterpiece with the click of a few buttons.

Transferring data is less expensive than ever thanks to technological advances in the industry. Move your videos over to ensure peace of mind that your memories are properly stored and easy to enjoy.