Analysis | Former RNC chair on the GOP’s uncertain future: ‘You will not be a governing majority again as long as you’re embracing Trumpism and nationalism.’

You’ve bought people who find themselves simply offended and pissed off as a result of for years they’ve been taken without any consideration. And Trump tapped into that, that keenness, that anger, that frustration, and he used it. He, he plucked at it. It’s like an previous scab. You simply form of return at it and you, and you recognize, you shouldn’t prick at it, however you do and you simply, and it begins to bleed. And then you’re like, you attempt to let it heal and you choose, so he did that repetitive over and over again. Action. and individuals and individuals responded to that, as a result of he grew to become in lots of respects, an avatar for them, and he grew to become a manner of expressing their frustration and their anger. So it’s true. Trump is not the downside. He’s the symptom.

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