Analysis | President Trump’s last gasp of immigration falsehoods

Here’s a roundup of some of Trump’s false or deceptive claims from his remarks in Alamo, Tex., one of his ultimate occasions in workplace. Our observe is to not award Pinocchios once we spherical up a number of claims, however Trump as common butchered the info along with his spin about immigrants, ending his time period because it started. Imagine a bunch of bouncing Pinocchios as you learn by means of his spin.

“When I took office, we inherited a broken, dysfunctional and open border. Everybody was pouring in. … We reformed our immigration system and achieved the most secure southern border in U.S. history. It is at a level that it’s never been before.”

This is usually improper. The Trump administration constructed a whole lot of miles of fortified fencing alongside the border and clamped down on asylum requests and authorized migration. But a whole lot of 1000’s of migrants already have been being apprehended beneath the Obama administration within the years earlier than Trump took workplace.

After an preliminary decline within the yearly totals of unauthorized migrants detained on the southern border, the quantity of such apprehensions spiked in 2019, so Trump’s declare to having the “most secure southern border in U.S. history” is doubtful at finest.

“After reaching an all-time peak of 1,643,679 in FY2000, apprehensions fell to a 45-year low of 303,916 in FY2017,” the report notes. “In FY2018 apprehensions increased to 396,579, and in FY2019 they more than doubled to 851,508.”

“We’ve arrested nearly 500,000 illegal aliens with criminal records, some with very serious criminal records of the type you don’t want to know about, like murder.”

It’s unclear the place Trump is getting this determine. For fiscal 2020, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported 103,603 administrative arrests, down 28 p.c from 2019. That’s removed from half 1,000,000. ICE added that 90 p.c of the executive arrests concerned individuals with a previous conviction, and the company mentioned it contributed to 4,360 felony arrests in 2020.

Trump typically suggests, as in these remarks, that everybody arrested by ICE has dedicated a violent crime, “like murder,” however many have solely immigration or nonviolent offenses on their information.

“One of the biggest loopholes we closed was asylum fraud under the old broken system. If you merely requested asylum, you were released into the country. The most ridiculous thing anyone’s ever seen. And we were taking in some people that you didn’t want to have in your country. We instituted a series of historic policy changes to shut down asylum fraud, and that’s what we did.”

Wrong on a number of ranges. Trump sharply curtailed the U.S. asylum system, decreasing caps on yearly admissions. Before his adjustments, it was not sufficient merely to request asylum to enter the nation, as Trump claimed. Applicants needed to bear an interview with immigration officers and present a “credible fear” of persecution or torture of their residence nation.

“Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, under these critical asylum cooperation agreements, the burden of illegal immigration is now shared all across the region. Now, when an illegal immigrant is arrested at our border, they can be sent to a neighboring country instead of into a U.S. community. Before my getting here, countries wouldn’t accept them. They would say, no, no, no. … They said they won’t take them back. They came. They may be murderers, they may be cartel heads. They may be some really vicious people. The countries didn’t want them back. And I stopped all payments to those countries. I stopped everything going to those countries. And after we stopped for about a month, you remember after we stopped for about a month, they called. They said we’d love to have them back.”

Trump typically fabricates conversations wherein he stuns numerous heads of state along with his information or negotiating expertise they usually bend to his will.

His declare that El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras “wouldn’t accept” deportees previous to the Trump administration’s regional asylum negotiations, which date to 2018, is flat-out false. The three nations accepted a whole lot of 1000’s of returnees from the United States yearly, each earlier than and through Trump’s time period, official statistics show.

“We also have, and we had, but we have them all the time, we have terrorists from the Middle East coming into our country through the southern border. That was before what you see right here [gestures at border wall], because it was easier to come into our country through the southern border than it was through airports or any other means. … These are people from some very seriously dangerous places in the Middle East. And the numbers are far greater than anybody would understand.”

The Trump administration first asserted this within the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, providing a spread of deceptive statistics to buttress the declare that terrorists from the Middle East have been filtering by means of the U.S.-Mexico border. But administration officers never offered any proof or identified a single terrorist.

In stories issued throughout the Trump administration, the State Department mentioned that there was “no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have established bases in Mexico, worked with Mexican drug cartels, or sent operatives via Mexico into the United States” and that “there have been no cases of terrorist groups exploiting these gaps to move operations through the region.”

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