G-20 Leaders Vow to Cooperate as Coronavirus Cases Surge in the U.S., Europe

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia—Leaders of the world’s major economies on Sunday urged strenuous efforts to combat the coronavirus and revive the global economy after a two-day summit that was held virtually because of the pandemic.

President Trump—who is campaigning to overturn his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden even though there is no evidence of widespread irregularities—attended portions of the event, but didn’t appear for the closing remarks.

The U.S. on Sunday reported a 12th straight day of record hospitalizations. It has recorded more than 12 million confirmed Covid-19 cases in total, more than any other country. More than 256,000 Americans have died from the disease this year.

In Europe, countries have reimposed restrictions on daily life and their economies as the virus has spread to older people from younger age groups amid the pandemic’s second wave in the region.

In a communiqué, the leaders of the group of 20 major economies pledged unanimously “to spare no effort to protect lives, provide support with a special focus on the most vulnerable, and put our economies back on the path to restoring growth, and protecting and creating jobs for all.”

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