Is Kamala Harris Generation X’s first vice president, or just another boomer?

Then got here the deniers. Harris was born in 1964, they famous, which is universally accepted because the final yr of the infant boomer eraand effectively, children, guidelines are guidelines. (Some folks insist Harris belongs to a bunch that straddles the boomers and the Gen Xers, referred to as Generation Jones. But demographers principally ignore this classification, and so, too, will we.)

Just a few questions, Madame Vice President:

Do you personal, or have you ever ever owned/performed with/had nightmares about, a Howdy Doody doll? (If sure: Boomer.)

Did you tune in to look at MTV play the first music video? (If sure: Gen Xer, obv.)

Do you bear in mind residing by means of Beatlemania? (Boomer)

Without wanting it up, are you able to title no less than three members of the Brat Pack? (Gen Xer)

Can you bear in mind a time when TV channels signed off for the evening? (Boomer)

If somebody says “Psych!” Do you recognize what meaning? (Gen Xer)

Harris declined to reply these questions when The Washington Post requested, and wouldn’t say which era she identifies with.

So we’re compelled to take a position based mostly on out there proof. If you’ll indulge us, please direct your consideration to the next displays.

Exhibit A: A photo of Harris in her early 20s staring into middle-distance with the collar of her black overcoat turned as much as her ears. Her hair is cropped brief, her eyes are skeptical, defiant. If anybody was ever prepared to stay it to The Man, it’s this younger woman. Point: Gen Xer.

Exhibit B: Actor Keanu Reeves. He was born the identical yr as Harris and co-starred in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Point: Gen Xer.

Exhibit C: Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, was additionally born the identical yr as Harris. Johnson’s professed hobby is portray outdated wine bins to appear to be busses. Point: Boomer.

Exhibit D: “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture,” by Douglas Coupland. Coupland coined the time period “Generation X” along with his 1991 novel a couple of trio of underemployed, disaffected mates residing within the California desert. The e-book begins, “Back in the late 1970s, when I was fifteen years old . . . ”

You know who else would have been 15 years outdated within the late Nineteen Seventies? Kamala Harris. Point: Gen Xer.

Exhibit E: Harris was 23 years outdated and a latest graduate of Howard University in 1988 when Spike Lee launched “School Daze,” a quintessential have a look at the experiences of Generation X college students at traditionally Black faculties and universities. Point: Gen Xer.

Exhibit F: Throughout the 2020 presidential marketing campaign, and once more on the evening she and Biden declared victory, Harris was accompanied to the rostrum by the Mary J. Blige music, “Work That.” Blige is solidly Generation X, a soul singer of the hip-hop era. If Harris had been strolling out to Stevie Wonder, that’d be a distinct story.

And then there are these Chucks. The sneakers themselves aren’t essentially definitive: Before they grew to become in style amongst skaters and grunge children and different assorted Gen Xers, Chuck Taylor All Stars had been a boomer basketball shoe. But overlook concerning the sneakers themselves: Look on the method Harris walks in them. The method she bounces down the steps of an airplane onto the tarmac. How many boomers have that sort of cartilage left of their joints?

Case closed. With Vice President Harris, Generation X has reached the West Wing. Word up.

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