Joe the pigeon made it across the Pacific to Australia. Now he’s on death row.

The fowl, a racing pigeon registered to an proprietor in Montgomery, Ala. is believed to have escaped a contest in Oregon in October, presumably hitching a trip aboard a cargo ship earlier than reaching Australia.

But now the pigeon, which Celli-Bird has named Joe (after President-elect Joe Biden) hangs out in his yard, bathing in the fountain and has even befriended an area dove.

“I think that he just decided that since I’ve given him some food and he’s got a spot to drink, that’s home,” Celli-Bird stated, the Associated Press reported.

But whereas Joe could have survived the 8,000-mile journey to Melbourne, Australia has a few of the world’s strictest quarantine legal guidelines, and a pigeon from the United States could possibly be carrying unique illnesses that threaten Australia’s biosecurity, authorities stated.

Under regular circumstances, importing a pigeon would require permits, well being certificates and a reservation at a quarantine facility.

In 2015, Australian authorities threatened to euthanize two canine belonging to Johnny Depp and his then-wife Amber Heard, after they snuck the Yorkshire terriers into the nation with out the correct permits.

“We found out he snuck them in because we saw them taking them to a poodle groomer,” former Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said in an interview at the time.

“If we start letting movie stars — even though they’ve been the sexiest man alive twice — to come into our nation, why we don’t just break the laws for everybody?” he stated. “It’s time that Pistol and Boo [the two dogs] buggered off back to the United States.”

An Agriculture Department assertion stated of Joe the pigeon that the fowl was “not permitted to remain in Australia” as a result of “it could compromise Australia’s food security and our wild bird populations,” in accordance to the AP.

“It poses a direct biosecurity risk to Australian bird life and our poultry industry,” the assertion stated.

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