Perspective | You can use FSA and HSA funds to buy an eye mask, but not masks to protect against coronavirus

Masks are the barrier that can assist us from contracting a virus that has to this point killed 379,000 individuals within the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of masks — non-valved multi-layer fabric masks particularly — to restrict the unfold of the coronavirus, which is says is “transmitted predominantly by respiratory droplets generated when people cough, sneeze, sing, talk or breathe.”

Yet the foundations for 2 key tax-advantaged applications to assist individuals pay for well being and medical bills haven’t caught up with these dreadful instances.

You can use funds in your well being financial savings account (HSA) or versatile spending account (FSA) to buy anti-itch insect gel. But paper and fabric masks are not broadly accepted as eligible for buy with FSA or HSA funds to protect against the coronavirus, which in one day killed 4,000 people last week. Hand sanitizer and floor cleaners used to forestall the unfold of the virus are additionally ineligible.

With an FSA and HSA, you can put aside cash, pretax, to pay for sure certified well being bills, together with medical merchandise akin to a thermometer for your self or dependents.

The contribution restrict for an worker who chooses to take part in an FSA is $2,750 for 2021. Contributions are not topic to federal revenue tax, Social Security tax or Medicare tax. People resolve how a lot they need to contribute.

Health financial savings accounts are linked to high-deductible well being plans (HDHP), and like FSAs, they can even be used for numerous out-of-pocket bills. The most quantity you’re allowed to contribute to an HSA for 2021 is $3,600 as an particular person or $7,200 as a household. People 55 or older can contribute an further $1,000 yearly to an HSA.

“We think masks should be eligible,” stated Rachel Rouleau, vp of compliance for Health-E Commerce, the father or mother model of and, on-line marketplaces the place individuals can buy eligible merchandise from their health-care spending accounts. “The IRS gives the guidance based on the law. And the IRS has not come out and given any guidance on masks to date.”

Rouleau stated it’s attainable some advantages directors could approve the reimbursements for masks.

“You could probably go to your doctor and get something called a letter of medical necessity, which would support maybe a potential medical condition that you have now, which would require that you have the mask,” Rouleau stated.

However, even with such a letter, the advantages administrator could deny your declare.

Stephen Brooks from Rockville, Md., stated he was denied reimbursement from his HSA to cowl what he spent on masks.

“The CDC is telling me I need to wear a mask to protect my health, but the IRS is saying I can’t use my HSA funds, even though the masks are for medical purposes,” Brooks stated. “It’s ridiculous.”

“Keep in mind that, even if it is permissible, a given FSA and HSA is not duty-bound to cover every allowable expense,” stated IRS spokesman Eric Smith, who stated he couldn’t present a selected reply to the masks challenge.

Rouleau stated the IRS might present steerage that might enable individuals to use the funds of their FSA or HSA to buy masks and different private protecting tools, or Congress might enact laws.

Last yr, a invoice earlier than Congress would have allowed individuals to use their HSAs or FSAs to buy face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant merchandise to protect themselves against the coronavirus. But the invoice did not go.

Health-E Commerce has created the Tax-Free Better marketing campaign ( to advocate for additional enlargement of bills lined below FSAs and HSAs, together with masks and PPE. People can signal a petition or contact their congressional consultant.

“We think that masks should qualify as certainly prevention right now,” Rouleau stated. “The CDC is obviously recommending them, people are expected to wear them, and it seems like it should really be a qualified medical expense. But without IRS guidance, we can’t sell them on our website and we can’t tell people that they’re broadly eligible.”

If there was ever a time to broaden the foundations, it needs to be now, to assist individuals cowl the prices of masks or cleansing provides that we all know can restrict the unfold of the coronavirus.

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