WHO Mission to Look for Answers to Covid-19’s Origin in Wuhan

In July, China’s authorities and the World Health Organization drew up a plan to determine how the novel coronavirus first spread to humans. Six months on, China has but to reveal what it has discovered—or how a lot of the work it has finished. A crew of WHO specialists land in the town of Wuhan on Thursday on a mission to discover out.

Under the plan, Chinese scientists would comb by hospital information, take a look at samples of sewage and blood donations, interview early victims and map meals and other people on the market in Wuhan the place a lot of the earliest instances had been recognized. WHO researchers say they don’t have a transparent understanding of the progress made by Chinese scientists. Inside China, officers have stated little about what research or information its scientists plan to present the WHO crew, or which internet sites it would go to.

“Many of them are excellent scientists, and they have been quite active, but it’s very difficult to get the full picture of what has been done,” stated Fabian Leendertz, a member of the mission and a microbiologist who was in a position to pinpoint the bat-infested tree the place West Africa’s 2014 Ebola epidemic doubtless started. “It makes sense to simply go there, sit all at one table together.”

The WHO has stated its mission isn’t about putting blame. “Let’s see where are the gaps, why do they exist, are they technical or whatever, and make a plan to fill those gaps,” stated Dr. Leendertz.

For months, the U.N. company has negotiated with Beijing for permission to enter China, evaluation research and formulate a plan for the following spherical of research. Answers might assist stop a distinct coronavirus outbreak—and supply some sense of closure on how a pandemic that has sickened at least 92 million people and devastated the worldwide financial system started.

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